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Lucky Sock Publishing

Books for Children

Make a sock guy with grass seed! Easy and fun!  

1) Dump some grass seed into a sock (or nylon stocking). Enough to cover the bottom of the sock.

2) Stuff the sock with potting soil. Use enough to pack it into a ball.

3) Tie off the sock ball and don’t cut off the “tail.” You can use a rubber band if that is easier.

4) Take a cup and fill half way with water.

5) Set your sock guy in the cup, tail side down. Water his head.

6) Put him in a sunny place and make sure he gets watered every other day.

7) Watch his hair grow!

8) You can also decorate him with google eyes and glue on a mouth of yarn - anything goes!

9) Trim his hair if you like!

10) What will you name your new friend?

Harry the Sock!